Steinberg Cubase Pro 9


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  • The most powerful Cubase yet
  • Full-featured for the most demanding music producer
  • Perfect for professional audio engineers, songwriters, composers, and conductors
  • Capable of recording audio in future-proof 32-bit/192kHz quality
  • Build 5.1 surround mixes for film and game scores
  • Detects tempos for beat quantization
  • Lower Zone lets you mix and edit from the Project window
  • Sampler Track sample editor creates loops and one-shots from any piece of audio
  • Frequency is Steinberg’s smoothest, most surgical EQ plug-in to date
  • 10 Marker Tracks to organize each instrument section’s entrances and cues
  • Overhauled Maximizer and other plug-in GUIs speed up workflow
  • Plug-in Sentinel protects your system against invalid plug-ins
  • Chord Assistant suggests chords for your verses, choruses, and bridges
  • Groove Agent SE 4 builds beats with lifelike drum kits and inspiring drum machines
  • VST Transit saves projects to the cloud
  • VST Connect SE 4 locates and enables users to collaborate on projects remotely
  • Integrates seamlessly with all Steinberg and most Yamaha hardware
  • Unlimited track count — limited only by your computer resources!
  • Supports up to 256 physical in and outs
  • 8 virtual instruments and 64 VSTi slots to build textures inside the box
  • 74 audio FX plug-ins to mold and shape sounds to your will
  • 3,030 included instrument sounds
    More info: Cubase 9
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