Pioneer DDJ-RR

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”Pioneer DDJ-RB is the entry level DJ controller for Rekordbox DJ”Sweetwater
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  • The Pioneer DDJ-RR DJ controller is the latest addition to the Rekordbox DJ compatible range of DDJ-R controllers from the manufacturer of the industry standard CDJ and DJM kit.
  • The DDJ-RR ships with a full version of Rekordbox DJ (worth £99) and is also DVS ready (plus pack required) allowing connection of turntables or cd players to control the playback of audio independently from the standard MIDI controller functionality. The RR also features features PC master out – allowing playback of the master output audio through your Mac or PC speakers while the RB takes care of your headphone cue side of things.
  • Pioneer’s DDJ-RR looks and feels like a CDJ setup thanks to the play and cue configuration and large jog wheels featuring on jog display of playback position. The unit also boasts needle search for quick jumps forward or back through a track and packs in sequencer load capabilities, slip mode and release FX.
  • In addition to the above the Pioneer DDJ-RR also offers customisable performance pads with Sequence Call, Hot Cues (up to 8), Pad FX, Beat Jump and Slicer functions. The in-built soundcard provides simple USB connectivity and facilitates set recording to Rekordbox DJ via the same USB cable. The RR can be either USB or mains powered and features a high quality microphone input, dual headphone outputs and is finished with a brushed aluminium face plate.
  • More Info: DDJ-RR


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