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Audio Cable 6.3 Stereo Jack To 2X 6.3 Mono Jack 3M

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Insert or Y-cable for looping external devices into the signal path or connecting stereo line signals to a mixing desk or amplifier. Cable with moulded-on 6.3 millimetre TRS connectors, two mono, one stereo.

Product type Pre-assembled Cables
Type Audio cable
Length 3 m
Color Black
Cable diameter 5.8 mm
Cross section 0.22 mm²
Connector 1-A 6.3 mm jack
Gender of connector 1-A male
Poles of connector 1-A 2
Contacts of connector 1-A Nickel-silver
Manufacturer of connector 1-A Adam Hall
Model number connector 1-A Custom-made
Connector 1-B 6.3 mm jack
Gender of connector 1-B male
Poles of connector 1-B 2
Contacts of connector 1-B Nickel-silver
Manufacturer of connector 1-B Adam Hall
Model number connector 1-B Custom-made
Connector 2 6.3 mm jack
Gender of connector 2 male
Poles of connector 2 3
Contacts of connector 2 Nickel-silver
Manufacturer of connector 2 Adam Hall
Model number connector 2 Custom-made

Additional information

Cable Type




Plug A

6.3 Stereo Jack

Plug B

2X 6.3 Mono Jack


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