Make Noise Rene 2 + Tempi


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“3-D Cartesian Step Sequencing” – Sweetwater

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  • Three channels with CV and gate output
  • Cartesian and snake patterns are available simultaneously
  • 64 States can be saved
  • Z axis for modulating through any combination of the 64 stored States
  • 16 potentiometers with multi-color LEDs for setting CV values
  • 16 backlit touch sensors for programming gate signals
  • Five additional touch sensors for editing purposes
  •  A Tempi module can be connected via Select Bus


  • External TEMPO IN, Tap Tempo and now, Voltage Controlled TEMPO
  • 6 simultaneously programmable and patchable clocks
  • HUMAN programming is fast and intuitive, MACHINE programming provides effortless precision
  • Program clock Multiplier or Divisor, Phase, MUTE and MOD
  • Integer and Non-Integer Multiplier, Divisor and Phase remove the shackles of traditional clocking modules
  • Clock MOD allows for CHannel SHIFTing or RUN/ STOP behaviors
  • All programming done real-time and able to be Stored as a STATE for later Recall
  • Stores 64 STATES in 4 Banks of 16
  • Voltage controlled STATE Selection
  • Highly Stable, Low Jitter Clocking algorithm
  • Maximum artist controlled musical variation, minimum data input
  • Pairs well with René

More Info: Rene 2Tempi


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