Behringer PRO-1


: 380.00

“Semi-modular Analog Synthesizer, with Patch Matrix, 64-note Dual Step Sequencer, and Arpeggiator” – Sweetwater


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Authentic ’80s Analog Circuitry is Back

Inspired by one of the most influential monophonic analog synthesizers from the early ’80s, the Behringer PRO-1 semi-modular synthesizer packs a huge range of classic synth sounds in a convenient desktop module. Use it on its own without patching anything, integrate it with a Eurorack modular synthesizer environment, or even combine multiple PRO-1 modules to create a monster poly synth — up to 16 voices! However you use it, PRO-1 is sure to impress with its all-analog signal path, vibrant four-pole analog filter, and built-in arpeggiator and step sequencer. Whether you want to conjure the classic bass and lead sounds from the ’80s, or simply want to expand your analog synthesis capabilities, there’s big value in the Behringer PRO-1 semi-modular analog synthesizer module.

Drone mode — explore endless soundscapes

When it comes to creating ambient drone sounds, the Behringer PRO-1 has you covered with its switchable drone mode. Just like it sounds like, drone mode turns the PRO-1 into an “always-on” synth, no need to trigger notes or envelopes. It’s perfect for recording soundscapes, layering an ambient bed under your other synth and drum sounds, and much more.

Create a monster with 16-voice Poly Chain capability

As a single-voice analog synth with vivid oscillators, a delightfully fat filter, external audio input, and a ton of patch points, the PRO-1 synth module represents big value on its own. And with support for up to 16 voices in Poly Chain mode, you can keep adding modules to your rig to add more sonic potential. Simply connect each PRO-1 module to the previous module’s Poly Chain output to add another synth voice.

Ready for Eurorack

The Behringer PRO-1 module is a sweet synth for desktop use on its own — and it really shines when you start patching it in with other modular synth gear. With lots of patch points to play with and ample controls for hands-on sound shaping, the PRO-1 module will definitely get a lot of use in your productions.

Behringer PRO-1 Semi-modular Synthesizer Module Features:

  • Analog synthesizer module based on classic dual-VCO synth designs
  • Dual oscillators with saw, pulse, and triangle waveforms
  • Fat-sounding 24dB filter design can reach self-resonance for expanded sound design potential
  • Authentic 3340 and 3320 semiconductors for vintage-accurate sounds
  • All-analog signal path with voltage-controlled oscillators, filters, and amplifiers
  • Dedicated analog LFO offers simultaneous saw, triangle, and square waveform shapes
  • Dual envelope generators for controlling VCF and VCA
  • 64-note dual sequencer, and arpeggiator with three different patterns
  • Audio input for processing external sounds

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