Arturia KeyLab Essential 88 Black Edition + Free Pigments

KeyLab Essential 88 Black Edition CREATIVITY EXPRESSED

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Creativity comes first

Spend less time with a keyboard and mouse, and more time creating, performing, and playing with KeyLab Essential 88.

8 pads, 9 rotaries, 9 faders, and an expressive keyboard – but so, so much more. Navigate your DAW effortlessly, browse and tweak your favorite presets in an instant, and enjoy a fluid 88-key playing experience, all from one accessible controller.

Now available with an elegant black exterior, this controller won’t just cater to your every musical need – it’ll look classy, whether it’s in your living room or up on stage.

Music-making made easy

Lost in a maze of menus and settings? We’ve all been there. That’s why we created KeyLab Essential: to make the technical stuff as simple as possible.

Everything is immediately within reach, from DAW transport controls to a full-range keybed – paving the way for effortless music creation, whatever your style. And when paired with the included Analog Lab V software, KeyLab Essential becomes a whole new animal. Every one of the thousands of presets come intelligently mapped with your KeyLab’s faders, knobs, and pads to give you instant, inspiring access to some of the most iconic, legendary keyboard sounds ever heard.

Premium software included

KeyLab 88 Essential is more than a world-class MIDI controller; it’s an all-in-one music-making solution, complete with a selection of industry-standard musical software.

In tune with your studio

Geared for maximum compatibility, KeyLab Essential 88 gives you total control of your digital world, seamlessly integrating with virtual instruments and DAW software.

KeyLab Essential 88 is packed with clever controls that help you make swift work of everyday tasks, from looping and recording to toggling your metronome. As well as offering ultimate control over Analog Lab V, KeyLab Essential 88 is a universal MIDI controller, so you can use it with any third-party instruments or software. If you’re just starting out on your musical journey, don’t worry, KeyLab Essential also comes with Ableton Live Lite so you can start recording, editing, and releasing your music with one of the most popular music platforms on the planet.

Everything in its right place

We’ve spent years listening to musicians just like you, learning which features and functions you need instant access to, and researching the best ways to give you the ultimate seamless controller experience. Each component, function, and design element has been carefully considered to make the process of creating music as fun and barrier-free as possible.


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