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“The Memory Brigade just became my go-to delay. I’ve been missing that analogue style control of my signal path you normally only get with a pedal…. this thing is a beast!”

Chris Dudley. Underoath.

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Filtered Analogue BBD Echo

The iconic lo-fi delay that helped the greatest guitarists and producers achieve their unique tone is now available in your recording setup.

Arturia’s Delay MEMORY-BRIGADE takes the creative, dark BBD analogue echo from the pedalboard, and puts it in your DAW, free from the worries of spilt drinks, dead batteries, and whether or not it’s “true bypass”.

From tight slapback delays to never-ending feedback noise, the “bucket brigade” offers so many creative options, and as a software plugin, you can use it on anything you want – not just guitars.

Filtered Tone

The perfectly dark, lo-fi tone is a BBD signature sound and perfectly recreated.


Frantic Feedback

Aggressive, swarming feedback that you can creatively control.


Modern Features

Hugely powerful, cutting-edge abilities give this classic a new lease of life.



New Features

Modern sounds and abilities exclusive to Arturia’s software recreation.

Delay MEMORY-BRIGADE isn’t simply a carbon copy of an old pedal, it’s a monument to the classic BBD delays that shaped music as we know it.

Arturia analyzed the old circuit diagrams, they studied the wiring and components of famous models, and they recreated the most desirable aspects of the vintage effect to give you the best sounding BBD experience ever found in software.


Filling up the Bucket

While they could have simply made their recreation and called it a day, Arturia wanted to make Delay MEMORY-BRIGADE a timeless, inspiring effect that traditional musicians, and modern producers alike would love. They’ve included some powerful, optional extras to this awesome effect.

Explore the iconic sound of a BBD delay now!

Want to try it out for yourself, on your own tracks? You can! You can try out Delay MEMORY-BRIGADE to experience it first hand.

Half a century of hit-making tone, right in your DAW

Push hard for that saturated, soft-clipping sound that cuts through any mix; get the tonal balance just right at the input stage; add vintage analogue warmth in your mastering chain; use the in-built mid/side processing to enhance your whole mix.

Compatible with all major DAWs, now you too can enjoy the harmonic push, subtle overtones, and tone-shaping power of the most iconic studio gear ever made.

Main Features

System Requirements

Platform Specifications:



Required Configuration

VST 2.4 (64-bit), VST 3 (64-bit), AAX (64-bits with Pro Tools 11), Audio Unit (64-bit), NKS* (64-bit DAWs only).


The software is protected by the Arturia Software Center.


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