Oyaide Neo d+ RCA Class A 2.0 M Cable

Class A RCA Male to Male Cable 2m

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“d+ RCA series” is specialized for DJs and designed according to feedback from DJs, artists, and clubs. By using this series to connect between a DJ mixer and DJ equipment like CDJs, Traktor, and Serato products, you can get a huge advantage in sound quality.Especially if used in tandem with d+ USB series, they improve the sound quality and enhance the details of DJ I/O such as Serato SCRATCH LIVE or NI TRAKTOR. Although MP3 files tend to emphasize noise or sounds which are not favorable for human ears, the d+ RCA series provides smooth, stereoscopic sounds and reduces distortion and signal loss through its excellent electrical properties.

In designing the d+ RCA series, we contemplated the best combination of important materials and factors including structure, conductors, insulators, shielding, outer sheath, and plug contacts.

Of course these benefits apply not only for compressed audio files. The d+ RCA series also helps dissolve the stiffness and shallowness of digital sounds in high quality formats like WAV, AIFF, and FLAC.

In addition, the hi-definition playback from the d+ RCA series helps for making a high quality recording when capturing sound from vinyl.

Although wiring is often regarded as an eyesore in the booth or studio, the colorful and innovative product design of the d+ series makes a stylish impression. Aesthetically focused artists often choose our products for this reason.

“d+ RCA series” improves the sound quality of DJ equipment and achieves high level performance from your DJ gear and sound production.

CABLE Analog Audio Cable (RCA connector )
CONDUCTOR 102 SSC (0.18mm × 33)
SHEATH Thermoplastic Elastomers
INSULATOR Polyolefin
TERMINAL Gold-plated bronze alloy coating
LENGTH 1.0m / 2.0m


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