Pioneer PD-70AE

Pure Audio CD/SACD player in ultimate workmanship and sound quality with full metal drive, symmetrical and asymmetrical outputs, display of disc metadata, dual ESS9026PRO D/A converter and digital inputs

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CD and SACD reference player – also as a world class D/A converter.

The Pioneer development team left nothing to chance with the PD-70AE, consistently pursuing its overriding objective: optimum stereo playback of CDs and SACDs. This consistency is apparent the first time one encounters the player, which weighs a solid 18kg and receives discs in a massive aluminium drawer.The construction of the housing with double floor, three interior assemblies and encapsulated aluminium drive block serves as the perfect, vibration-free mechanical foundation. Separate power supplies for the digital and analogue switching ranges guarantee spotlessly clean supply voltages.

Works as a premium D/A converter with digital audio inputs

In addition to being a SACD/CD player, the PD-70AE also functions as a D/A converter for delivering superb sound. The carefully designed build-quality brings out the full potential of the high-performance ESS DAC, letting you enjoy solid sound full of rich details from the connected component.

Analogue/digital discrete power supply circuitry

The digital and analogue circuitries each have discrete power supply. The PD-70AE is designed with the shortest and the most optimal power supply stage as well as audio signal path, to provide pure and rich sound reproduction.

Shielded CD drive case with anti vibration paint

The CD drive is housed in a shielded case with honeycomb mechanism cover and anti-vibration paint. The drive base is securely fixed by an aluminium frame, and placed through a floating structure using damping pulp material. This helps to minimise vibration within and outside the drive.

Audio features


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