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Polyend Medusa Black | Limited Edition

“What it accomplishes for me is an instant inspiration to make unique melodies and sounds, and it serves as a much-needed vacation from DAWs and step-sequencers.”

Benn Jordan (The Flashbulb)

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Polyend Medusa now in black!

The Medusa Hybrid Synthesizer is a fruit of a collaboration between Dreadbox and Polyend companies. It has emerged from both teams unusual approach to integrating analog and digital domains into a totally new quality. The innovative way of connecting a classic synthesis character with the digital versatility and unique musical controller brings out the best of these two worlds. Seems like a simple addition, but this fusion brings something that has never been available before.


The Grid.
Completely expressive.
Adequately configurable.

64 fully responsive and customizable, three-dimension expressive pads with assignable musical scales and different layouts.

The Grid is storing 128 presets of voices, chords memory, sequences and more than one hundred modulators per step.

Choose any modulation parameter per preset for X, Y and Z pressure axis.

Three sequencing modes: step, live and incremental.

Unique musical controller, sequencer and powerful modulation source fixed in one powerful Grid.

Sequence notes, modulation parameter locks or even entire synth voice presets per step.

Separate voice, notes sequence and modulation randomizer onboard.All the necessary Grid information is given on a crispy OLED display.


You like it digital or prefer analog?


Medusa has it all.

  • Three synchronizable analog oscillators with the choice of four classic wave types for each of them.
  • One 24dB classic Dreadbox analog filter with three different types (2pole LP, 4pole LP, HP).
  • Frequency modulation separately for analog oscillators and filter.
  • Analog noise generator with colour shaping.
  • Three digital wavetable oscillators with a choice of 64 morphable wavetables.
  • Three different play modes: monophonic, semi polyphonic x3, semi polyphonic x6.
  • Audio input lets you use the power of Medusa sound engine with external audio sources.
  • Second OLED screen to display all necessary synthesis data.

The build.

All that analog and digital functionality merged in a one clearly marked layout sealed in a sturdy tabletop aluminium chassis. Handily placed aluminium covered knobs, informative LED buttons for the comfort of use. The Grid pads made of specially designed silicone, so their immaculately matched density and firmness are providing an instant and precise response.



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