Intellijel 4U Palette Eurorack Case Silver


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  • One 62 hp row (3U) of Eurorack module space.
  • One 62 hp row for Intellijel 1U modules.
  • Built in Dual Buff Mult.
  • Expansion Jacks for MIDI and balanced Audio.
  • Threaded M3 strips for mounting modules.
  • Available with either the high spec 30 Watt power supply capable of powering up to 12 modules with +12 V output at 1200 mA, -12 V output at 1200 mA and +5 V output at 500 mA.


  • Anodized aluminum.
  • Rubber feet to protect your desktop.
  • Rear mounted power supply for maximum module depth

Utilities panel

  • Dual Buff Mult.
  • Two 1/4″ audio jacks that can be connected to the Stereo Line Out 1U, Pedal I/O 1Uor Mixup.
  • TRS MIDI Input that can be connected to µMIDI 1U.
  • USB port that connects to the µMIDI 1U and other future modules.
  • Rocker switch and barrel plug for power entry.


  • Meanwell AC/DC adapter
  • 3FT North American IEC power cable
  • ⅛” TRS to 5-Pin Din Midi Adaptor

Specs + Downloads

62 HP 324.4mm x 204.4mm x 51.3mm
1.36 kg w/ AC Adaptor
Palette PSU +12V output at 1.2A
-12V output at 1.2A
+5V output at 500mA
Module Depth 45.5mm (37.4mm at each 1HP edge)

More Info: Intellijel 4U Palette Eurorack Case

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