Black Corporation Deckard´s Voice

Synthvoice extract from Deckard’s Dream Rack Expander – Yamaha CS-80 Sound!

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With Deckard’s Voice the Black Corporation has prepared an excellent synth voice from the Deckard’s Dream for Eurorack users. The rich and classic analog sounding module delivers all the sounds you know and appreciate from the 70’s bolide Yamaha CS-80. Numerous inputs and outputs for audio signals and control voltages allow applications that go far beyond the possibilities of a Deckard’s Dream or CS-80. Depending on the setting, the filter tends to produce vocal sounds. Add amplitude modulation and the overall sound transforms into a whole new dimension.


The Synthvoice

The monophonic synthvoice, which does not differ in sound and features in any point compared to the rack version, does not miss anything that makes the sound of a CS-80 so unique. A powerful oscillator generates sine, sawtooth and square wave in parallel. For the pulse width modulation of the square wave there is a separate LFO. In addition, a noise generator can be mixed in. The three waveforms including noise have individual outputs and even a mix output. The rich basic sound is processed with serially connected, resonant highpass and lowpass filters, which have a slope of 12 dB. A VC-LFO with six waveforms is permanently assigned to the VCO, VCF and VCA destinations and can be assigned to other destinations thanks to its own CV output. An ADR envelope is provided to control the filters, the level for the VCA is set with an ADSR envelope. Both envelopes have their own CV outputs.

  • Eurorack module
  • Synth Voice
  • Monophonic
  • 1/16 Deckard’s Dream
  • VCO with sine, sawtooth & rectangle
  • PWM with dedicated LFO
  • Noise Generator
  • 12dB HPF & LPF with resonance
  • LFO with 6 waveforms and 3 destinations
  • ADSR envelope for VCA
  • ADR envelope for VCF
  • 32 TE width



More information – Black Corporation


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