Elektron Digitone E25 Remix Edition

”Master of the digital method!The sound of steel monoliths and flickering neons signs. Icy, metallic perfection. Magnificent desolation. Through the unique and accessible take on FM synthesis, Digitone is a prime source of new sounds and timbres. Down the rabbit hole we go.– Elektron

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There are a total 1998 units made, with a very special box including a poster, sticker sheet and cassette with music from Elektron beautiful team.

In recognition of a quarter century of existence, we have dreamt up the e25 RemixEdition: a limited run ofsilver-faced units, spread across Digitakt, Digitone, andSyntakt. Inspired by yesteryear, and hell-bent on pulling your sounds through the veilofpossibility and into reality.

The e25 Remix Editions don’t just come with special versions of already uniquemusic-making machines. We have included a number of other special additions to accompany this limited edition.

The instruments themselves are handbuilt in stainless steel, bearing laser-etchedlogos and unique number stamps. The box too is unique in its design and build,containing e25 poster versions, and a multiple decade-covering/greatest hits stickersheet. Andthe e-shaped cherry on top is a special Remix Edition silver cassette tapefeaturing an hour of original and eclectic music from the Elektron staff.


Synth voice features

  • 8 voice polyphony (multitimbral)
  • Multiple FM algorithms
  • 1 × multimode filter per voice
  • 1 × base-width filter per voice
  • 1 × overdrive per voice
  • 2 × assignable LFOs per voice


  • 4 synth tracks
  • 4 MIDI tracks
  • Arpeggiator per synth track
  • Polyphonic sequencing
  • Individual track lengths
  • Parameter locks
  • Micro timing
  • Trig conditions
  • Sound per step change

Send & master effects

  • Chorus send effect
  • Delay send effect
  • Reverb send effect
  • Overdrive master effect


  • 128 × 64 pixel OLED screen
  • 2 × 1/4” impedance balanced audio out jacks
  • 2 × 1/4” audio in jacks
  • 1 × 1/4” stereo headphone jack
  • 48 kHz, 24-bit D/A and A/D converters
  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru with DIN sync out

Physical specification

  • Sturdy steel casing
  • Dimensions: W215 × D176 × H63 mm (8.5” × 6.9” × 2.5”) (including knobs and feet)
  • Weight: approximately 1.49 kg (3.3 lbs)
  • 100 × 100 mm VESA mounting holes. Use M4 screws with a max length of 7 mm


  • Overbridge enabled
  • 3 year Elektron warranty


More Information: e25 Remix Edition


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