ACL EVE 1 Busboard

The EVE 1 busboard is used to distribute the operating voltages of a power supply unit to up to 20 modules in a Eurorack case.

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The ACL EVE 1 busboard distributes ultra-consistent power to up to 20 of your Eurorack modules, offering reliable operation and protecting your equipment from damage, and all in a compact form that′s as home in a large set-up as it is in a portable skiff case.

We always think it′s a shame when we see a Eurorack case filled with fantastic premium precision-crafted modules, only to discover that they′re supplied with power from a budget distribution board. It′s a bit like fuelling a Ferrari with budget petrol – it will move around, but it won′t sound right and the engine will get damaged pretty quickly!

That′s why we built our EVE 1 – to create as transparent an electrical path between your power supply unit and modules as possible. It delivers minimal electrical potential differences between the PSU and connection terminals, and between the modules and the terminals. This almost completely eliminates any measurable coupling effects between modules, and thus any resulting interference.

Maximum isolation

We achieve all this using a six-layer sandwich design, in which each voltage type supplied by the power supply unit – +12V, -12V and +5V, with three SMD-LEDs indicating the presence of different operating voltages – has its own complete layer for distribution to the module connection terminals. In other words, each has a complete, isolated layer of the bus board available as copper surface, and the ground rail actually has three layers available, resulting in an extremely low electrical resistance. Finally, three SMD-LEDs indicate the presence of the different operating voltages.

Two busboards in one

Whether you′re Hans Zimmer with a floor-to-ceiling rack, or a gigging techno producer with a 6U 84HP skiff case, behind the scenes things get confusing and cramped, so we′ve designed our EVE 1 to be effectively two busboards in one.

The module connection terminals are arranged in two lines of 10 terminals, each protected against polarity reversal. This arrangement makes the busboard ideal for supplying two rows of modules in your rack, with almost identical power supply conditions for all connected modules, using only one power supply unit, and without needing additional cables connecting boards affecting the uniformity of the signal.

All of this gives you maximum flexibility – multiple or single boards, large or small cases, any combination of modules, almost any power unit – without compromising the electrical characteristics of the board.


  • 5,3cm x 1,2cm x 37cm


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