Sequential Trigon-6

Six-voice Synthesis in a Polyphonic Powerhouse!

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With a nearly half-century lineage that begins with the legendary Prophet-5, Sequential has applied their hallmark expertise to bring their iconic sonics to an innovative 6-voice synthesizer: Trigon-6.

Loaded with three discrete VCOs per voice, polyphonic performance is rich and distinctive, augmented by the newly reimagined take on the ladder filter originally created for the Pro 3. Versatile control of waveshape, lowpass filter, LFO, and envelope generator parameters allow for vast aural exploration, enhanced by a robust suite of destination and sync choices, as well as a powerful poly mod tools. Onboard FX, arpeggiator, and sequencer options broaden the scope of playback, enriched with numerous performance modes and a dynamic aftertouch. With 500 presets to explore and room for 500 more of your design.

Spatialized soundscapes and robust rhythms

Bolster your sound with the texturizing tools of Sequential’s formidable FX suite. Fully digital at 24-bit/48kHz, the A and B mixes include multiple delay and reverb options, as well as chorus, flanger, phase shifter, and ring modulation. Push the vintage-inspired circuitry to its harmonic edges with gritty, stereo analog distortion, or hit the true bypass to maintain a fully analog signal path. Utilize the 3-octave range of the versatile arpeggiator to elicit compelling playback, or ramp up the rhythm with the polyphonic 64-step sequencer. Stack or arrange your sonics across multiple voice modes, including a configurable-count unison, chord, or key. Plus, the polyphonic portamento is a striking supplement to the Trigon’s 6-voice scope.


Sequential Trigon-6 6-voice 49-key Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Features:


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